Book on kurinji, the
          flower of the blue mountains

Classification of Forests in Kerala
Type of Forests (Legal status: Reserved Forests)
Southern Tropical Wet Evergreen and Semi Evergreen
Southern Tropical Moist Deciduous
Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous
Montane Sub Tropical
Forest Plantations 
This excludes 1887 sq. km. of private forests vested in Government through legislation.

Disparities in Official Figures

Official figures of area under forests in Kerala  varied and there were controversies over this. (Figures showed increase over years despite large scale encroachments and diversion for non-forestry purposes). The following are some of the figures of the Forest Department.

Administrative Report(1981): 11279.6 sq. km. (29  %) as in 1978-79
Reserve Records (1980)     : 10815.0 sq. km. (27.8%) as in 1978-79
Resource Survey (1973)     : 9400.00 sq. km. (24.2%) as in 1970.

The distribution of Reserved Forests by Vegetation Types
estimated from the Resource Survey

                 Sq. km.
Evergreen        1937
Semi-evergreen   1711
Moist decidous   2337
Dry decidous      136
Pure reeds        185
Temperate Shola    14
Grasslands         98
Plantations      1102
Total            7520
C. Chandrasekharan (1973) Forest Resources of Kerala.
A quantitative Assessment, Forest Dept., Trivandrum.
The area under shola excludes the associated grasslands. Latest estimate of shola (and)  grasslands is about 70 sq. km.

Forest Survey report, 1991
The State of Forest Report, Forest Survey of India, 1991, says Kerala has 10292
sq. km of forest cover. This was determined through satellite studies.

In 1993, FSI reported a forest cover of 10336 sq. km. (These figures included the vested forests).

Book on kurinji, the
          flower of the blue mountains